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'American Horror Story' Season 4 Will Be Set In A Carnival


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Before the disappearance of Roslyn Malone in 1945, the town of Bentley was a quiet, peaceful haven for people to start over; people who never fit in. Many years have passed since that horrible day and all of the years in between have only seemed to bring more tragedies and more problems to the small town. Bentley is no longer the same place it once was. Rumors fly about curses, ghosts, and psychics although most of the residents have a tendency to just brush it off. Many families residing in Bentley have been plagued with a series of unfortunate events, each one more tragic and more unexpected than before. Skeptics dismiss the happenings as bad luck; others believe it is curse, haunting not only the families who have resided in Bentley for years, but anyone who takes over the properties after the previous owner’s untimely deaths. It is now the year 2017, and the events occurring in Bentley seem to get stranger every day. Are ghosts real? Do curses exist? It’s time someone in Bentley finds out.

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blissfelt asked:
I'm a guy, I'm a soon-to-be-owner of my very first pair of combat boots. I'm also a lover of AHS. My line of inquiry for you lies around the brand or make of combat boots Tate L. sports in season 1. The pair he wears in the scene of the Westfield High Massacre, as well as the burning of Constance's second man. Help me out?

We’re not sure, but they’re just your typical black combats with a folded top. Type that into your search engine and you’ll find a bunch that look very similar. Doc has good ones, though I’d go with one with less shine.
*fun tip: if you’re entering the magical world of combat boots, BUY THICK AND MID CALF SOCKS. These boots are bitches, especially if you do go down the docs way. Your legs will be sliced up.*
Sorry if that wasn’t very helpful, as of now we don’t know the exact brand. But we give guys in combats an A+++

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Anonymous asked:
Question about Violet's bedroom: Is her bed sitting in front of a door? It looks like it in some photos you have posted, but I never noticed it before so I figured I'd ask :)

Yes, it’s in front of a door that I’m pretty sure leads to a balcony? I’ve studied the blue prints of the house religiously and I’m not an architect so I’m only kind of sure.

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Anonymous asked:
What books would violet read? Ben said he imagined her reading depressing russian novels

Anonymous asked:
ik she would never wear uggs but the adirondack style dont look like typical uggs. So what snowboots do you think she would wear? Just her typical black combat boots?

Violet would technically sit by a window to look at the weather, and when it would be suggested that she go outside into the freezing snow, she’d probably be like “you’re kidding me, right?”. But, in a rare situation where she was forced to abandon her warm snuggly post and face the terrors of the frozen tundra that has become Boston, she would have (probably) worn those big black snow boots with the Velcro that everyone wears. Because they’re warm and built for snow and she’s not impractical.
And don’t buy uggs, kids. Uggs are evil.

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Anonymous asked:
Best place to buy quality leggings?

I’m an LA girl and it’s all about Lulu Lemon leggings here

*goddess-of-bitchcraft suggested black milk!
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Anonymous asked:
I'm painting my room can you help me find a color that matches violets room color? i was thinking Baltic Sea by Benjamin Moore but I'm not sure

bella blue is probably closer

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Requested: What underwear do you think Violet Harmon would wear?

I’d imagine panties from Aerie. Soft and delicate. Maybe lacy. Soft padded bras and bralettes, and cheekies.

Anonymous asked:
How do you think Violet would dress if she had lived and grown up? Do you think she would have stayed with the grunge/vintage theme or moved on to try other fashion?

Honestly, it’s probably a teenage faze. She’d probably still shop at free people, though. Just a little more low key. I’m sure she’d still have aspects of the style incorporated into her adult wardrobe.

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Anonymous asked:
What would you describe violets style as? Some people say it's grunge and some says it's vintage? And plus, can you explain some ideas of clothing/outfits (maybe show pictures) that both grunge and vintage style looks like? I love violets style and I've been trying to do mine like hers but I always end up wearing all black and looking like a goth. Hellllp? :)

I wouldn’t classify Violet’s style as grunge or vintage.  Honestly to put someone’s style under a category seems to degrade it.  Granted the wardrobe department obviously drew inspiration from the grunge movement as well as the vintage fad in choosing pieces for Violet.  Most of Violet’s clothes are Free People or Urban Outfitters which are both modern retailers.

If you are trying to achieve Violet’s look, try layering and wearing subtle stripes and florals.  She mixes both feminine